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Shockwave is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates the natural healing process.  Shockwave is done through soundwaves which help release growth factors in injured tissues by creating micro injuries to the area.  These growth factors can help difficult injuries to heal.  Treatments will typically be a week apart allowing for the tissues to heal between treatments.  Typical treatments will range from 6-12 times.  


Is shockwave the latest healing technology or is it a new gimmick?  I have been wondering this for around 3 years.  1 year ago I had a new patient with a shoulder complaint.  We treated for 3 weeks with little to no progress.  I ordered an MRI of the patient's shoulder.  The MRI showed a near full rotator cuff tear.  I recommended he see a surgeon.  He decided to try shockwave (at another clinic).  He went in for 12 treatments at the cost of $100 each treatment.  Following care he had no pain and full range of motion.  He came back in my office a couple weeks ago and even a year after treatment he had full range of motion and no pain in his shoulder.  This experience convinced me to purchase a shockwave machine for my clinic.  I have had great success with the shockwave and know it is an important tool in my office.

We charge $40 an area for shockwave treatment.

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