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DOT Physicals Ogden Utah

DOT Physicals


Dr. Jeff Clayton drove commercial motor vehicles while he was going through school to become a chiropractor. Once he graduated he wanted to make sure drivers had a place to get their medical exams done without the long waits. Same day appointments are usually available. Dr. Clayton only charges $65 for the DOT physical exams.


What is a DOT Physical like?
You will need to fill out a brief health history form. Then Dr. Jeff Clayton will complete the DOT physical exam by going over your health history and checking the following things: eyes, ears, urinalysis (for protein, blood, and sugar), mouth, throat, heart, lungs, abdomen, vascular system, extremities, spinal conditions and neurological conditions.


What should I bring to the DOT Physical?
The easiest answer would be to bring any medical records for conditions you have. Bring a list of all current medications you are taking. Bring hearing aids and glasses if needed. Bring any waivers/exemptions you have. Be prepared to do a urinalysis (not a drug test). 
Call (801)621-1668 if you have any questions about what to bring.

Diabetic Condition - Bring a list of medications and name of the prescribing doctor.

High Blood Pressure - Bring a list of medications and name of prescribing doctor.

Heart Condition - If you've had a heart attack or cardiovascular disease, you'll need to bring a copy of your last stress test.

Sleep Apnea - Bring a copy of your latest sleep test results, if you have one.

Medications - List all the prescription medicines you take, including strength and dosage. If you regularly take over-the-counter medications, such as antacids or allergy pills, list them as well.


Who can perform DOT Physicals?
Starting May 21, 2014 only certified medical examiners can perform the DOT physicals. Dr. Jeff Clayton is now a certified medical examiner (National Registry #: 6624776704). Click here for a list of certified DOT medical examiners in your area.

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